Key Members

The company has been formed by renowned analyst Mr. G G Patel and the dynamic duo of Mr. Nirav Desai & Mr. Jai Desai. Their experience and knowledge has helped the company become a reliable name across India.

Mr. G G Patel

Mr. G G Patel has spent more than five decades in the Oilseeds Industry and has experience in all aspects of the Veg. Oil Industry, from running of crush plant, and refinery to the Vanaspati Industry. He also actively participated in Import of Veg. Oil & export of Oil to Europe & South East Asia.

Mr. G G Patel is the patriarch of statistics, SND's and Crop Survey in India and has been carrying it out for more than two decades in India. He has a wide network in the industry and a thought understanding of the industry.

He is widely known to:

  • Have served as Ex-President of The Central Organization for Oil Industry & Trade, New Delhi (COOIT).
  • Have served as Ex-President of The Solvent Extractors' Association of India, Mumbai(SEA).
  • Have served as Ex-Vice Chairman of the Vanaspati Manufacturers' Association of India, new Delhi.
  • Have presented various Papers at International and National Forums.
  • Lead various delegations that were sent abroad sponsored by Central Government and various Associations for promotion of Oilseeds, Oils and De-oiled Meals export/import and trade in general from India.

Currently, he serves as the Executive Committee Member of SEA, COOIT and also Converner of Crop Estimate Committee of COOIT.

Mr. Nirav Desai

With a decade of experience in the Oilseed industry, Mr. Nirav Desai is an expert in conducting market studies and other research activities and additionally, has a vast experience in the futures market of agricultural commodities.

He is widely known for being:

  • A regular speaker on CNBC Awaaz, Zee News and UTV Bloomberg for his views on commodities and especially on Oilseeds and Pulses.
  • An expert on India Agro Futures, he is on the Product Committee and Advisory Board of Commodity Exchange.
  • A participant in National & International conferences and has submitted several research papers like:
    • The cost of Production of Agricultural Commodities to an Indian Farmer.
    • Reasons behind India becoming the biggest Palm oil Importer in the World.
    • Out of Home Consumption of Edible Oil in India.
    • Projection on India Edible Oil Scenario in 2015.
  • Member of the Crop Estimate of COOIT and is also a part the Executive Committee of SEA.

Mr. Jai Desai

Mr. Jai Desai has an experience of more than a decade, at all levels of branded edible oil industry namely:

  • Procurement of Raw Material.
  • Packaging / Bottling of Different Oils.
  • Supply Chain Management.
  • Branding & Marketing.

He has worked as a Business Associate with many National & Multinational companies like Ruchi, Adani, Cargill, Bunge etc.

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