Standard Services

Our standard services aim at giving our clients all the necessary statistical data and important Indian & International news by which they can make a better buying & selling decision.

We Provide the following services

Primary Research of Statistical data like:

  • Supply & demand of oils in India.
  • Monthly Arrival/Crush/End stock of Soyabean, Mustard & other Oilseeds.
  • Expected import arrivals in India.
  • Stock at Indian ports.
  • DOC commitment & shipment expectation.
  • Overall bargain for forward delivery done for imported oil in India.
  • Crop update – Pre sowing/Sowing/crop development/mature/harvesting.
  • Spot Polling

National & International News / Reports:

  • Daily & Weekly comprehensive report.
  • Daily weather report covering India, US, Latin America & China.
  • Special reports on burning issue of the market.
  • Daily technical on National & International Commodity futures.
  • Market Pulses of CBOT, KLCE Dalian & South America.
  • Historical Spot/Futures price data of India.
  • Gov. News & Notifications (India).
  • Indian Futures Exchange related rules & information.

We strive to provide near to ground reality statistics, news & reports required by an Oilseed Trader.

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