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We provide special service to cater to the needs of our subscribers who are seeking further, a deeper understanding of the Supply and demand side of India, Arbitrage opportunities between International & Indian Markets, Cash & Carry Arbitrage and a lot of details about fundamental side of the market. This is specially introduced for MNCs & Big Refineries.

Our series Include:

  • Top-up package (Additional 5 Email Ids & 5 phone numbers).
  • Multiple user name & password of our websites.
  • Monthly SND of edible oil for India.
  • Projection of SND for next 3 months.
  • Daily conversion report – costing of palm, soya oil, sun oil from – FOB – C&F – High Seas - Refined Oils – Futures.
  • Malaysian SND.
  • Projection of Indonesian Export Tax.
  • Indonesian parity.
  • Update on weekly imports arrivals and much more.
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